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    Where is the leverage? 40 hour paycheck more work hours with todays least powerful income. Time at work $10-$15 per hour on average with competition is todays broken opportunity. This is paying a BROKE or POOR income.

    Today most every household wakes up to their alarm clock to drive to and from work in rush hour traffic to make $10-$15 per hour on average. Many are sitting or standing on their feet for 8 hours or more for 5 days each week. THIS IS CAUSING LOSS OF GOOD HEALTH!
    What will your raise be for all that hard work this year?, $_______ ?

    Employees make their decision to spend their time at work to get paid, and spend their customer dollars for free!

    Society has it backwards, we go to work to get paid, and spend our customer dollars all over the place. If we change our habits just a little those customer dollars can work for you, and actually earn you an income. Many households in todays society have two incomes since costs are rising, and pay stays about the same for most people. It is time to believe in a new way of thinking.

    Each week can change your life! - $2,100 each week or $2,100 times 52 weeks equals $109,200 each year by changing the way you think about something you already do free!

    It is your money you are spending free - Will you change your decision for $109,200 each year? yes ____ no ____. Income goals come in all sizes choose a BIG ONE!

    Time or customer dollars at work - $2,100 dollars is a BIG DIFFERENCE. Customer dollars at work $62.50 an hour, time at work, $10 an hour = $52.50 per hour difference, times 40 hours = $2,100 each week.


    Most employees know how to get paid for their time at work. MISSING THE BIGGER OPPORTUNITY - YOUR DECISION CAN PAY YOU $109,200 EACH YEAR.
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    Where is the leverage? 40 country paycheck - more countries with todays most powerful income.

    Customer dollars at work - $10,000 each month or more without competition is todays best career opportunity paying a career type income.
    WITHOUT COMPETITION even $10,000 is a small paycheck.

    Get your time back with the most powerful income at http://HighIncomeMoney.com

    Changing the way people make their money. Everyone gets paid back all the way to day one for each paycheck. Without waking up to the alarm clock to drive to and from work in rush hour traffic.

    All new work is adding more income to the next paycheck without sitting or standing on your feet for 8 hours or more for 5 days each week. This is helping you with your good health. What will your raise be this year with customer dollars making you unlimited income $ ______ ?

    Business owners make the decision to spend their customer dollars at work to get paid and have their time for free to enjoy with what they want to do.

    Money is easy to make, remember just customer dollars working for you instead of against you. You just have to know how to make it!

    Few business owners know how to get paid for their customer dollars at work. Can you see the bigger opportunity to stop working for free or spending your customer dollars free? yes ____ no ____ ? If yes your decision can pay you $109,200 each year!

    It can be expected many will say "NO" to this opportunity but that is ok! $109,200 is for anyone who wants to get paid for something most people already do for free. Who will change thier life by changing the way you think? Remember the customer is always right!

    Employees spend their customer dollars FREE!
    $109,200 is $300 everyday! You can make or lose how you think!
    Business owners spend their customer dollars to GET PAID!
    $109,200 mistake! - Buying for FREE!

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